Record audio posts and share with your followers!

Create your account, share your thoughts, send birthday wishes, listen to your followers' posts and interact.

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app overview

Voiceem App allows you to interact with your followers through audio posts

An exciting new, easy to use, FREE app for iPhone, iPad and Android users that brings a new voice to social media.

Record Audio

Record your thoughts as voice posts and share with your followers with only a few clicks!

Follow your friends and family

Easily search friends and posts and send and accept follow requests.

Interact with your followers

Respond to your followers with audio posts and let them know what you think!

Birthday Notifications

Set up birthday notifications for your followers and send them voice birthday wishes. Never forget a birthday again!

Receive Notifications

View how many likes, replies, reposts and shares that your audio post received.

Push Notifications

Set up (and easily disable) push notifications when followers post or interact with your posts.

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Simple works. So maybe we should stay that way.

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Voiceem is a new spin on social media.

Share your thoughts, send birthday wishes, listen to your followers' posts and interact.

  • Record and post voice audio messages
  • Search friends and send follow requests
  • Listen and reply to followers' audio posts
  • Upload a bio photo and add a short bio
  • Add your birthdate to receive birthday wishes
  • Set up and receive birthday notifications
  • Search posts based on keywords
  • Send voice birthday wishes
  • View your likes
  • Replies
  • Reposts and shares
  • Option to Login with Facebook
  • Login with Twitter or Instagram
  • Remove followers any time
  • Remove or edit a post at any time
  • Enable (and disable) push notifications

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